In the course of my master's studies at the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences, I consciously decided to add an additional semester in order to make the most of the opportunity of a semester abroad. I chose the partner university "Universitat Politècnica de València", where I wanted to expand my knowledge and benefit from the experience and teaching methodology of the professors there.
The course "Fundamentals of Animation" at the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) in the winter semester 23/24 is an exciting journey for me. 
Although I already work as an animator in my profession and have taught myself my skills until now, I have never had the opportunity to be taught from scratch before.
While the course is ongoing so far, I am looking forward to the upcoming exercises and lessons. The experience so far has already given me valuable insight into the basic principles of animation.
The "flipped classroom" method allows me to actively participate in the learning process and immediately apply what I have learned in practice. 
I am excited to see how my animation skills will develop and look forward to furthering my career as an animator while continuing the course at UPV.
Dive into the exciting world of animation! In the coming sections, I'll present you with the results of my exciting assignments completed in the "Fundamentals of Animation" course. Learn more about the basic principles of animation, the hands-on exercises, and the tools I used for animated drawing. Dive in and get inspired by my creative results!
Below, you'll find a comprehensive list of all the tasks we tackled during the course, categorized into different subpages.

Introductory learning practice
PRACTICA 1&2 – From the individual flip book to the group flip book
PRACTICA 3 – Working with three non-human characters/simple figures
From here on, all other projects and assignments from the course will follow at a later date. Means the following buttons are only placeholders!
PRACTICA 3 – Placeholder

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