The task involved applying the principles of motion in animation, specifically interposing frames of a mouse reacting in surprise. Elements such as bounce, anticipation, curved trajectory, and uniform accelerations and decelerations were to be considered. I was required to download material with mouse keys (1,2,3,4), either on paper or digitally, to work on it in class and read the accompanying material.
Learning objectives included reinforcing principles like action, trajectories, and placement of key drawings. The methodology involved using the key drawings, tracing them onto a new sheet, numbering the drawings, following an animation plan with spacing guides, and applying motion curves. Animation was to take place between two key drawings on a lightbox, following the plan closely and interpolating movements uniformly or with acceleration/deceleration.
Schedule/ Cronograma
Here I recorded the flight path and the key drawings of the mouse.
Final Video/Animation
Reflection on my work
I'm very happy with my work because this is the second time I've used Photoshop to animate. Overall, I feel like I'm on the right track and am learning a lot from the lessons, despite the language barrier.
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