In this task (PRACTICA 3), I had to design three simple, non-human characters that correspond to geometric shapes: Triangle, Arrow and Square. These characters were supposed to move at different speeds and movements based on their properties in terms of size, color and weight. To get a better view of my characters and receive continuous feedback or suggestions for improvement, we were also divided into groups of two.
The guidelines were:
- The square object is rigid and heavy, with a smooth movement that starts and ends inside the frame.
- The triangular object is elastic and moves with progressive acceleration and deceleration, with the action ending inside the frame.
- The arrow is flexible and light, moves with high acceleration and can disappear outside the frame, hit something or create effects.
Additionally, I had to apply the basic principles of animation, such as solid design, planning the action, motion studies and key drawings, anticipation, acceleration and deceleration, and basic timing. Documenting the process and my self-assessment were also part of the task.
First thoughts and sketches
In this task, I aimed to bring the three objects together within a single scene. To achieve this, I searched for objects that would harmonize while still embodying the specified geometric shapes. After some contemplation, I settled on a slice of pizza, a pizza box, and a fork. However, upon discussing it with the professor, concerns arose that the fork was too heavy for the lightweight object. As a result, I opted for an arrow, as will become evident in the subsequent sketches.
Supporting Material/ Material de Apoyo
Schedule/ Cronograma
Final Video/Animation
In my animation, I brought a pizza box to life (representing the square object). The pizza box moves towards a sudden shadow that appears on the floor. This intriguing shadow is cast by a triangular slice of pizza, which descends from above, representing the triangular object.
As the pizza slice lands, an arrow (representing the arrow-shaped object) that was previously resting on the ground comes to life. It gracefully traces a circle in the air before landing precisely within the pizza slice.
The animation is accompanied by carefully crafted sound design to further emphasize and support each action in the sequence. The sound experience enhances the visual elements, creating an even more immersive and captivating experience for the viewer. This project has provided me with valuable insights into the world of animation and sound design, demonstrating how these two elements work together to tell a compelling story.
Reflection on my work
In this assignment, I had the opportunity to use the Adobe software "Animate" for the first time, which proved to be an intriguing and educational experience. While I'm still in the learning phase when it comes to using the software, I managed to acquire some foundational knowledge and a better understanding of animation possibilities.
One significant challenge I faced was that I had to create my drawings using the touchpad of my laptop due to the absence of a graphics tablet or iPad. This resulted in certain limitations in terms of precision and artistic expression in my drawings. I believe that with a graphics tablet or iPad, I could have achieved better results.
Nevertheless, I'm content with my work and the progress I made in this assignment. It provided me with an opportunity to expand my skills in animation and digital drawing, and I gained valuable insights. In the future, I plan to enhance my equipment to work more creatively and precisely. This experience has emphasized the importance of having the right tools to bring my creative ideas to life, and I look forward to further developing in this regard.
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